SHE/HER LOVE - Printed on Gallery Canvas & Matted/Framed (embellished)


About the piece...I painted this piece specifically for my sister, Nancy. Our childhood was filled with challenges, and it wasn't until we reached adulthood that we truly understood the importance of sisterhood and friendship. The original painting hangs in her serene ZEN room, while this print has been meticulously embellished and framed to mimic the original piece. Measuring 30”x30”, it is a colorful and vibrant representation that resonates with our higher selves. 

Within the painting, you can find embedded messages inspired by the teachings of @JuanMiguelRuiz and @TheFourAgreements. These messages remind us not to make assumptions, to be impeccable with our words, to always do our best, and most importantly (for me), not to take things personally. This artwork serves as a beautiful daily reminder to strive to be the best version of ourselves, or at the very least, to make the effort.