Cards, Journals & Gifts Under $50

Curated Gifts Under $50

Find the perfect gift for that special someone in this carefully curated collection. Here you'll find:

Journals: A timeless go-to gift. Once filled, they become lifelong keepsakes. The contents are important, but the cover matters too!

Totes: Featuring AliMarie's whimsical and exciting art, these totes—whether for shopping or weekend getaways—will be constantly used and cherished.

Greeting Cards: AliMarie's artwork on these cards brings a smile with every envelope opened. After reading, they double as beautiful art pieces and sweet reminders of your friendship.

Tumblers and Glassware: Practical and stylish, these gifts ensure hydration in style. With stainless steel lining, they keep beverages cool or hot for hours. When someone compliments it, you'll know you made the right choice!

Mousepads: Brighten up your workspace with a artful mousepad.  It'll keep a smile on your face even during difficult business calls!

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