About AliMarie

For decades, I dedicated my career to public relations. Then COVID hit, shutting down my business and leaving me wandering without a sense of purpose. I searched for ways to reignite my passion for life, but depression weighed heavily on me.

It wasn't until I attended a "sip and paint" art event that I discovered what had been missing in my life. The feeling of zen, of connectivity, of peace and balance - it all came rushing back to me.

A few weeks later, I built a studio in my home and started pouring my heart out onto canvas. I was surprised to find a hidden passion I never knew I had, and that I could be in conversation with my art during the creative process.

Sounds crazy, I know.

Through exploring themes such as The Heart Art Collection, The Critter Collection and painting colorful portraits, I discovered a gift that could touch people's hearts, inspiring their creative thinking, while healing my own wounds. WIN-WIN!

Art truly is therapy, and I'm living proof.

It's amazing how tapping into my right brain and allowing it to express freely helped me find my true self and purpose.

So, I encourage you all to GO PAINT! GO CREATE! GO LIVE!