INDIGO WALTZ - Printed on Paper w/mat and backing



Limited edition prints - only 25. Each is numbered/

"Indigo Waltz" encapsulates the essence of perseverance and transformation through its dynamic journey from a simple acrylic 'dirty' pour to a captivating multi-media masterpiece. The artwork tells a tale of artistic evolution, reflecting the my unyielding spirit and quest to try new things.

The creation of this piece began with a bold and experimental acrylic 'dirty' pour on a substantial canvas, capturing a sense of playful spontaneity. However, the initial result failed to resonate with my vision, leading to a temporary hiatus. I hung the piece on the wall and took a break, the canvas became a canvas of possibilities, a space for inspiration to I sat back and just looked at it every day.

As weeks passed, a felt a creative spark, and the canvas transformed through a metamorphosis of intricate details. The incorporation of meticulously drawn dots and accentuated lines injected a new energy, generating a vibrant interplay of textures. Subsequent layers of iridescent paint, carefully applied highlights, and purposeful lines enriched the composition, infusing it with depth and dimension.

Yet, a feeling of incompleteness lingered. Then, the pivotal realization dawned - the artwork possessed an inherent rhythm and movement reminiscent of dancers engaged in a captivating waltz. The addition of stones and the application of resin, which mirrors the glimmering translucence of ice, solidified this vision. The icy resin floor becomes the stage upon which gems gracefully swirl and dance, symbolizing the transformation of an initial creative experiment into a resilient and mesmerizing work of art. "Indigo Waltz" becomes an embodiment of the my unwavering spirit, a testament to the need for patience and a process that can turn challenges into moments of profound beauty and enduring resilience.